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How Will IoT Help Your Business? There are Only 2-Ways about it...

April 29, 2020 | 4.00 pm

IoT being part of Industrial Revolution 4.0’s blueprint is supposed to help us ALL improve our business operations, Use LESS Effort to be PRODUCTIVE, better..... EFFICIENCY, VIGILANCE and... Yet keeping true kindness to OUR ENVIRONMENT.

So much being heard or said, any business before embracing or accepting IoT to be part of their daily norm must first be able to identify and know clearly what is the current challenges faced in their business.

IoT is able to provide the below (if picked and used correctly):-
1. Ability to SAVE COST.
2. Ability to SELL MORE.

Ever heard of ‘Data is King’? IoT is a method that brings measurable Data and Control to your fingertips using the many technology of communications, connectivity, sensors creating the digital 1s and 0s, submitting to machine learning, notifying stakeholders of any anomalies and using AI to react to the problems autonomously. Along this similar path, the 2-Ways of IoT benefits will prevail.

Understanding IoT Benefits and choosing a match that helps to overcome the existing challenges a business is facing is truly vital. Contact us for more!


Case Study: How an Air-conditioner affects our Environment and Utility Bills

April 26, 2020 | 4.00 pm

The moment we use our air conditioner to cool our rooms, we are already contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change......

At present, about 93% of Malaysian Electricity Power is being generated from non-renewable energy sources like coal and petroleum or fossil fuel. Every 1 KiloWatt (kW) produced or in demand will send 0.694 kgCO2 into the air that we breathe.
(source: https://www.greentechmalaysia.

While the air conditioner is undeniable equipment needed to keep us comfortable indoor, any sense of ‘overcooling’ demand target air conditioner temperature which will cause wastage, leading to unnecessary CO2 Emissions into our common air.

Based on research, the most common comfortable temperature felt by our human skin surface is around 25.5°C. To go deeper, drier air or relative humidity of around 50%.

We conducted a comparison test on a Cassette Non-Inverter Aircond unit with 2 different Aircond Target Temperature settings (set via Remote Control handset), 16°C, and 25°C (lowest the remote can go). Placing a clamped type Ammeter to the Live power cable to measure the current (in Amperes) flow, we let it run on continuously for 7 hours on a hot day at a fixed Target Temp.

At 16°C Target Temperature Set from the remote control, we had a very chilled and cold room. This reminds us of the offices or shops that we normally visit having their staff wearing jackets to fend the chillness while the weather outdoor is blazing hot. While we also measured the resulting temperature of the tested room, we discover that the Target of 16°C preset reached only a minimum of 19°C for a brink of minutes while on average, the ambient temperature was hovering around 20 to 21°C. After 7 hours of the test, the current meter read 10.181kW or RM5.09, contributing 7.066kgCO2 contributed into our air.

Switching over to our test on 25°C AC Target Temperature for the same 7hrs on the duration the next hot day, produced ambient temperature of ranging from 24~26°C for the same room. After 7 hours, the current meter read 6.146kW, or RM3.13 (Tariff is RM0.55/kWh) contributing 4.265kgCO2 into our air. In summary, taking a small responsible step in setting your target Aircond’s temperature makes a 44% dollar savings (for comparisons between Set 16°C and Set 25°C) and also 44% lesser CO2 contribution into our environment with NO technology added!

Next, IoT Values can come into the picture to further perform extensions and expansions benefits to cover homes and businesses, small or large in scale. For instance, IoT values provide us the ability to be notified when staff or household start to overcool their premises and you as a stockholder can remotely override wrongful or unfavourable settings thru manually or via AI automations.

Be Crisis Resilient with IoT Solutions 

April 21, 2020 | 4.00 pm

While most of us all staying at home during the unprecedented and horrifying COVID-19 pandemic,..... we are already thinking of our next moves in handling the next crisis. Taking precious lives, destroying businesses, disrupting global supply chains and the list goes on.

IoT Technology is a data-driven analytics solution based on data generated from sensors. If these sensors of any form were already deployed potentially within your business premises, factories, outlets, there could be an astounding early warning systems of any anomalies that may happened during the isolated period.

Sensors measuring various parameters of temperature, humidity, air quality, movements, access into your premises in Real-time will create a vast amount of data for analytics in order to ‘Tell the Stakeholders’ vital results.

In tackling COVID-19, imagine the IoT ability to measure temperature of your staff’s forehead en masse detection of fever, their movements patterns within the perimeters of the premises and have these data being brought to your attention on your screen?

More Topics

A Real Smart Analytical Aircond that Adapts, Reports, Saves Power & Environment

April 14, 2020 | 4.00pm

It is inevitable that our Air-conditioners are indeed our life savers in the extreme warm weathered..... environment that we live in today.

However it is also known that the ACs all around us are major contributors to Global Warming and High Monthly Utility Bills. Indirectly the AC also is one of the culprit that contributes to CO2 by tonnes (yes ‘000s of kg CO2) poured into our air space.

There are many claimed Smart Air-conditioners in the market. Most of the Smartness available in the current market allows user to control the ACs from anywhere using the Internet.

The @Nodus Smart Aircond provides more! From user control anywhere to Managing your Aircond(s) in preventing overcooling (which makes high utility bills, energy wastages, higher CO2 emissions) and helps in Preventive Maintenance. Not to forget, maintaining the Just Right comfortable temperature of 25.6℃ to our body!

As Maintenance is costly, detecting an early minor fault and being able to call and tell the Technician, what’s the spare part to bring along to fix will save AC owners lots of money and time.


While Data is King, People are Everything: Human Capital Management with IoT

April 2, 2020 | 1.00 pm

People or Employees are the most valuable asset of any businesses or company across the globe. They are .....
the lifeline of any company.

People or Employees are the most valuable asset of any businesses or company across the globe. They are the lifeline of any company.

The workforce in a significant quantity can cause the management question counting their presence at work, obtaining their attendance and performance at work from numerous angles as desired information.

This ‘information’ is actually essential but could not be obtained via a conventional employees monitoring system or no monitoring at all.

With Industry Revolution 4.0 in its blueprint, states technology is available to make the desired ‘staff information’ from the work level perspective available by creating visibility via the Internet of Things.

IoT Human Capital management extends values to conventional Human Capital management by continuous visibility in Real-Time and analytics of the past for future improvement in process efficiencies. Simply by answering the questions for you in terms of Who, Where, When and What status of the workforce under a management.

In addition to the common Workforce info Visibility, IoT in Human Capital provides the benefits of Safety of the People. Emergency from a building fire, earthquake, a fall, distress or panic signals can be channelled in Real-time either from their wrists or key-chains tags to the Organization’s Security Manager. This subsequently provides the information on Where to send to help to Whom at What time.

Find out more from us, on how to increase the Visibility of your workforce to increase productivity, efficiencies and provision of the Safety to your workforce.

Global Warming & Climate Change: You May be a Major Contributor too

March 12, 2020 | 11.00 am

That’s right. We are all contributors to the forest bush fires that recently swept the lives of 1 billion .....wild live animals recently in Australia.

Climate activists have strong facts and data that the sea levels and global temperature are both on the rising trend since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 1.0 and countless human activities.

While industries create jobs and economies, it also contributes an enormous amount of CO2 emissions to the common air we breath. CO2 traps heat. The more CO2 there is in the air, the higher the temperature it will be.

Sources of CO2 emissions come from large in fossil fuel burning at Electricity Power Plants (Yes a whopping 93% Malaysian power source is non-renewable energy), Factories that indirectly utilizes the power and YOU, the possibly a vehicle driver of fossil fuel burning car and also an Air-conditioner user at home or office.

Every minute of AC usage contributes to the 93% of CO2 emissions to our common breathing air.

While the topic of this newsletter is about how each of us are contributors to Global Warming and Climate Change, we can make a difference by preventing unnecessary use of our high energy usage on ACs, vehicles and other appliances like lighting.

Becoming a minimalist is one of the profound ways in need lesser, use lesser and the rests of the results will become positively proven in not just reducing our utility bills but a care for our planet.

Find out more from us on how to use Smart AC with AI controls and Environmental Monitoring to know how much that you can save for your homes and businesses!

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What is the ROI of IoT Asset Tracking ?

March 4, 2020 | 11.00 am

Asset is the belongings of a company or Organization. Giving assets visibility is no trivial task. From small-dollar .....items like books and office supplies to big-ticket equipment like laptops, machines, vehicles and even buildings (and everything in-between), tracking what you own is a massive undertaking.

Asset Security:-
Losing asset(s) either by theft, misplacement is the costliest matter of all.

Asset Integrity:-
Tampering by accident or intentionally by any personnel personnel

People Error:-
Human error and the time wasted in order to rectify the problem.

People Time:-
Time is money. Scrambling to find an asset or an accountant manually working on fixed assets an hour a day may cost the company $‘000s.

Ghost Assets:-
Assets that are not really there but taken into account on insurance, taxation. Overpayment